Friday, March 22, 2013

Naked Love - Fiona Joy Hawkins

Someone said that to become an overnight success you have to either do 10 years of hard work or get naked.  I did both.  Hope you enjoy the video.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pretty Girls........

The Windham Hill Hat seems to have a way with the girls.......... and somehow manages to find all the pretty ones.

The new signatures include Lisa Downing and Kathryn Kaye

The WH Hat keeps getting lots of lovely comments at airports (when its on Fiona's head) such as 'what a lovely looking hat', 'are you on safari' and 'oh how cute that hat is' etc etc.  You can only imagine how thrilled Fiona is to look like she is on an Army Safari....... LOL.  Having said that, the HAT is pretty damned attractive and looking rather 'trophy' like now.

Anyone interested on bidding on this beautiful piece of artwork (yes some of these musicians can actually draw) please email - there is also some rare Windham Hill memorabilia and the POP hat to catch your attention should you feel the need to collect something and raise money for cancer support charity




Kathryn Kaye 
Rumour has it that Jeff Oster and Rocky Fretz are sending something in to pin on the Windham Hill Hat.  Not sure their pics will be as pretty as the ones above.........