Sunday, August 19, 2012

RARE Memorablilia & Grammy Winning Engineer

Presenting......Corin Nelsen, Grammy winning Engineer who worked on a number of Windham Hill Records AND........with  many of the next generation artists as well .

Corin has worn many Hats in the Windham Hill world and has been around forever ....... the Hat is trying to stack things up and wants to know how old Corin actually is?

Rare Windham HIll memorabilia includes 4 unopened WH DVDs (Winter, Western
Light, Autumn Portrait and Solace)
Also........a Quiet Revolustion, 30 Years of Windham Hill (4 CDs with book)

Signed by:
Will Ackerman (Founder Windham Hill Records)
George Winston
Liz Story
Philip Aaberg
Tuck and Patti
David Cullen
Alex De Grassi
Tracey Silverman
Jim Brickman
Sean Harkness
George Tortorelli
Lisa Lynne
Barbara Higbie
David Arkenstone

Read about the Commemorative Box Set HERE

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