Saturday, July 7, 2012

About the HAT.......

The Windham Hill Hat and the POP Hat plan to journey across the USA to seek out various Windham Hill musicians and new generation artists from The Gathering (a compilation of 22 musicians handpicked by Will Ackerman - Founder of Windham HIll).  The POP hat also has some famous friends but is much darker and shadier character!

The WH  HAT is a HUGE Windham Hill groupie  and in an effort to be true to its New Age spirituality and goodness of heart, wants to be auctioned off at a Two Grand I'm Yours Concert at the Scherr Theatre at Thousand Oaks on the 8th September to raise money for (a cancer support charity).   There is also some VERY rare WH memorabilia included with the Hat (read about on the Hat goes to Sony Music blog).  The POP Hat is just happy to go along for the ride incase it can get into some trouble along the way or run into some serious fun.

 The Hats on LIVE TV in NY
Watch the vid here

They are both truly  CHARITABLE Hats. (Trysette thinks the WH Hat is a stalker),

To be honest, I am a little concerned that the WH  hat  (who came up with the idea) doesn't realise how big the USA is or how crazy the Two Grand I'm Yours Aussie girls are, and I just hope both hats can stay out of trouble and achieve this grand goal in time! The auction is only weeks away..........
                                   Feeling at home in Will Ackerman's Imaginary Road Studios

NEWS NEWS NEWS. New addition to the auction:
RARE Windham Hill Memorabilia includes 4 unopened WH DVDs (Winter, Western Light, Autumn Portrait and Solace)
The hit list for signatures and photos is extensive and includes many of the artists that were on various recordings released by Windham Hill and the 22 new artists - I don't think the Hat will achieve a clean sweep - so we are aiming for 20 signatures.  Surely that will be possible?
The Hat is fairly determined (I have tried to reason) and won't listen to sensibility, lets just hope the Hat stays on the straight and narrow and doesn't get entangled with Fiona or Trysette and their crazy antics Watch HERE

The Hats will post pics of each famous musician they find.......... and hope to see you at the Auction to be held at a Fiona Joy Hawkins and Trysette Two Grand I'm Yours Concert:

8th of September 2012 Scherr Forum Theatre
Thousand Oaks, CA, U.S.A.
In conjunction with Spa4thePink
Special guest artist Karen Nash

The  Hat believes itself to be extremely photogenic so will be posting pictures with each of the musicians.  I'm a bit embarassed about some of the photos I have seen so far.......I believe they will be coming up in future editions of this blog.  The POP Hat is just  too cool to care.

For other Two Grand I'm Yours concert dates go to or 

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