Saturday, July 7, 2012


The Hat just wanted to check that you all know the Windham Hill style and sound........??

Oh, good, so you can all guess that the new generation of artists on The Gathering is going to be amazing right?  LISTEN and BUY this album.

The Two Grand I'm Yours Team that are hosting the Hats adventures wanted you to know also that we now have a tour album by Trysette and Fiona Joy Hawkins......... its a really nice CD and a great mix of piano styles.  You can LISTEN and BUY here.

 BTW  (we are so over that hat - its an obnoxious attention seeking signature opportunist)

We think we are funny, but the Hat doesn't.  Here's us (again in case you missed it) - just click on the pic above for the video of Fiona saying lovely things about Trysette (lets just leave it at that!). 

In case you are wondering, the Hat is just your typical all round good natured..... Hat ! :)  Raising money for - a cancer support charity.


  1. Hi Fiona! I'm following the Hat, and I'll contribute now and again!