Friday, July 27, 2012

Aussies & Hats do LIVE TV in New York

I'm slightly embarrased, the Windham Hill Hat was a little unrooly during the LIVE TV show in NY...... The POP Hat (fortunately) maintained its cool.  Our Aussie girls looked FABULOUS and held it together.

                  Bronxnet TV with Rhina Valentin (host), Trysette (left) and Fiona Joy Hawkins (right)

After the show, the Hats featured in a a lengthy photoshoot (mainly because they are so photogenic) with Host Rina Valentin and are hoping to raise even more money for now that they are famous in the Big Apple. The show went live to several states including New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut......... we were all rather chuffed at our 10 minute opportunity to chat about the tour, the charity and of course, the now famous HATS. (in-famous in the Pop Hat's case)

For information about the the Hat auction and Windham Hill memorabilia at the LA concert, go to the ABOUT the HATs blog.

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  1. Fiona Joy,

    There are women such as yourself in real life; however, they are in magazines and such. You are a beautiful woman and talented as well. My oh my I am so happy to be your friend!

    God bless,

    Bobby Snard...