Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hat visits Sony in NY

The Hat was bold and brave and decided to waltz into Sony Music where the Windham Hill label now resides to scout out Isadar in the hope of yet another signature.  And thank goodness it did.......  Wait till you read about the new Windham Hill memorabillia given to the Hat! 

It was an AMAZING adventure because not only did the Hat find Isadar, who had just released an album recorded with Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studios (currently #2 on the ZMR Charts).     But further to that..............suspense, anticipation.  Keep reading down the page.

The Hat was given a 30 Year Annivesary Windham Hill set of CDs complete with 18 Windham HIll signatures from artists like Liz Story, Phil Aaberg, Will Ackerman, Samite and lots more (the Hat needs to ask Will to decipher the signatures as its sure George Winston is there also). doesn't stop there.  The Hat also was given four Windham Hill videos - all these videos would be worth over $100 on ebay and are very rare indeed.

If you want to bid on ALL this plus the Windham Hill Hat and you can't be in LA on the 8th please email the Hat at and place a bid order.  Bidding will start at $500 and goodness knows where it will finish.  Its for charity  - so cough it up if you got it (that came from the Hat)!

8th of September 2012 Scherr Forum Theatre
Thousand Oaks, CA, U.S.A.
In conjunction with Spa4thePink
Special guest artist Karen Nash

ISADAR's signature

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