Monday, July 9, 2012

Hat goes to WRONG HILL

Yesterday was a big day out for the Hat......... I tried to tell the Hat we were at ORANGE HILL and not Windham Hill, but it wouldn't listen.

There was a lovely piano there, even though it was orange (which was a little weird) and the Hat was asked by Management to stop playing as the patrons were busy listening to piped top 40 on the CD speaker system. :)  Fortunately the Hat was obliging and didn't embarass anyone.


Tomorrow we are all off on a road trip to try and find some more Windham Hill signatures. Rumour has it that POP Hat is schmoozing with some pretty big POP/Rock and Roll celebs in a Studio City recording studio tomorrow where Trysette is putting down a few new tracks for an album she's working on. 

The POP Hat will make a grand entrance to the blog tomorrow we hope, but don't get too involved cause I hear the Hat is a bit of a party animal and mixes with a whole different circle of friends than our wholesome Windham Hill Hat who just WANTS TO FIND WINDHAM HILL. 

Be patient hat, we will get there..............

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